Artefacts: Bostock’s Jungle

During the early part of the twentieth century, Frank Bostock returned to England from New York and toured his Bostock’s Jungle.  It visited several large cities and  Earl’s Court, another of those large exhibition sites in London. It had also operated for 7 months in Sheffield, South Yorkshire during 1910.

Here is one of the many postcards produced to advertise the shows:

Added Artefact: Old Postcard of Ora Cecil the Leopard trainer from the USA

The following postcard, issued by Frank Bostock at Coney Island, New York, shows Miss (sometimes known as Princess) Ora Cecil training a young leopard.

Cecil once commented:

“…little cats are nicer than the big ones I think, but more treacherous and have to be handled each in his or her own way. They are playful at times and like to be petted, but you never can be sure whether they will hurt you or not.

One funny thing about them though, is that once they have been trained by a woman, they will not work for a man.”

Elmira Daily Gazette, July 20th 1904

Ora Cecil appeared for Frank Bostock at both Coney Island and Atlanta city.

Rekindled Interest in Lion Tamers: The African Lion King Montarno

There has been a rise in the interest of lion taming recently and the research website will be publishing a series of articles on lion training in history. Added today a new article (in PDF format) concerning Montarno from Bostock and Wombwell’s Menagerie.

Link to article