Bostock and Wombwell Photographs

I recently asked if ‘This is the Enigmatic Mrs Wombwell?

  Well I have another clue to her identity which appeared on the front of a B&W Menagerie Programme from the late 18th century (exact date unknown). It also contained the Bostocks (E.H. and Mrs Bostock) and an early impression of George Wombwell. There’s no reasons to believe these are not the right photographs as they are printed on the B&W programme. I have to say my impresion of Mrs Wombwell (Ann Wombwell/Ann Morgan) is that she appears quite fierce, a bit like her lions I suppose. Is there any chance this Mrs Wombwell is the same person as in the last blog entry? Only you can decide that outcome.

The last picture is from inside the programme. Other inside images are available on request.


George Wombwell never stops surprising me!

I recently uncovered some interesting information about George Wombwell. It seems he has been married ‘twice’. Actually, it is only once, but evidence exists that George was married prior to his partnership with Anne Morgan (nee Wombwell). I just have to follow up on that information when I have time to confirm. If anyone is already aware then please let us know. It is claimed he married a Mary Sim (or Sims) in 1800 at St Giles Church, London. Exactly what happened to that marriage, if it did take place is still a mystery and to whether there were any children! Any help appreciated.