New Items Added to the Collection

More than 100 items have entered the collection. The task to digitise them is underway. Here is the first 12 items, including postcards and photographs. High resolution files are always available for non commercial usage. At this time we have a Bostock and Wombwell image being displayed at exhibitions in the South West of England, under the Devon Remembers Heritage Project, World War I.

Zena Aged 32 years, postcard. Date and Place unknown

Zamah ‘King of Wild Animal Trainers’ Gale and Polden postcard, undated

Southend-on-Sea Bandstand. Postcard. Indated, advert ‘Battle of Waterloo’.

Sanger Boys Photograph, Bounmouth, England. Mounted on Advertising Card. C. A. Allman

Nottingham Goose Fair, various booths, dated 1904. Postcard sent in post.

M. L. Morelli, trainer of Leopards and Jaguars at Bostock’s Jungle, circa 1905 – 1913. Postcard

Hull Fair, circa 1910. Postcard by Welstead, undated

Hull Fair Booths 1904, Postcard

Elephant Tea Party in Theatre. Paris Hippodrome circa 1910
Postcard by Steven White, Los Angeles

Bostock and Wombwell Burrell Seam Engine with operatives from B&W, Possibkly for pulling caravans and/or generating electricity. Circa 1913. Now known as ‘Rajah’

Bostock’s Jungle from Painting by G. Soury, Paris
Prolific artist of Circuses and menageries, Paris, circa 1905

Bostock’s Bongo the Performing Sealion, Postcard, Place Unknown, Circa 1925