Recent additions to the archive

An rare monochrome photograph and a monochrome postcard have been added to the archive.

Aquired from the archive of Charles H Dean, it shows the interior of a B&W Menagerie, that was visiting Newcastle upon Tyne

Date unknown, but the menagerie is utilising electric lights. Verso states the menageire was sold at Newcastle.

One of the crowd pullers at the Blackpool Menagerie. Circa 1910

The photographic angle of the second image is interesting: Who’s looking at who!

New Items Added to the Collection

More than 100 items have entered the collection. The task to digitise them is underway. Here is the first 12 items, including postcards and photographs. High resolution files are always available for non commercial usage. At this time we have a Bostock and Wombwell image being displayed at exhibitions in the South West of England, under the Devon Remembers Heritage Project, World War I.

Zena Aged 32 years, postcard. Date and Place unknown

Zamah ‘King of Wild Animal Trainers’ Gale and Polden postcard, undated

Southend-on-Sea Bandstand. Postcard. Indated, advert ‘Battle of Waterloo’.

Sanger Boys Photograph, Bounmouth, England. Mounted on Advertising Card. C. A. Allman

Nottingham Goose Fair, various booths, dated 1904. Postcard sent in post.

M. L. Morelli, trainer of Leopards and Jaguars at Bostock’s Jungle, circa 1905 – 1913. Postcard

Hull Fair, circa 1910. Postcard by Welstead, undated

Hull Fair Booths 1904, Postcard

Elephant Tea Party in Theatre. Paris Hippodrome circa 1910
Postcard by Steven White, Los Angeles

Bostock and Wombwell Burrell Seam Engine with operatives from B&W, Possibkly for pulling caravans and/or generating electricity. Circa 1913. Now known as ‘Rajah’

Bostock’s Jungle from Painting by G. Soury, Paris
Prolific artist of Circuses and menageries, Paris, circa 1905

Bostock’s Bongo the Performing Sealion, Postcard, Place Unknown, Circa 1925 archives now simple image pages

We have recently changed the way we store the Collection’s digital records. This was because the previous system was not compatible with new hosting requrements, or were difficult to move between hosting companies.

The Collection’s archives, formerly held in a database format, are now simple pages of images under the categories:
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The text relating to each item has been lost, so it will be recreated over time. If you have any questions about a particular item then ask and you shall know!

Help Required: Photographs from Selby, Yorkshire

E H Bostock probably with Dixie the elephant around 1932

Prince LawdTanno (Spell) known to have been travelling with a menagerie and circus around 1905. Probably a lion tamer modelled on Montarno the African Lion King. Known to have travelled with Chipperfield’s French Menagerie during the early twentieth century.

Waggon containig two lions and possibly a seated trainer or keeper, also at Selby circa 1930. Not a typical B&W waggon, so it is also probably a Sanger outfit.

The following photographs have been sent to us for dating and for any other information. I have added my comments underneath each photograph, but would welcome further information via the comments section at the bottom of the post or via email:

Thank you for your interest in this project about the local history of Selby in Yorkshire. My thanks to Mr Chilvers for providing the original photographs.

Rare view of B&W booth at Selby during 1931. This must have been one of the last times it visited the town or anywhere else, given it disbanded the following year. Shows the poor condition of the booth front.

At Selby, showing a group of Dancing Bears on the left of the picture performing for the local population. Unknown group and date. Information would be welcome.